About Us

Lowell’s Towing and Recovery

In 1997 Lowell’s Towing opened its doors for business. The company originated as Lowell’s Marathon and Service Station. In 1994 James passed away but not without leaving behind his love and memories with his family, friends, and numerous customers..

Through out the years, David was determined to provide the best service possible to the motoring public .David wanted to follow in his Uncle Jim’s footsteps the best that he could. He knew that he had very large shoes to follow in but wanted to carry on with his Uncles dreams. Lowell’s Marathon and Service was a family owned business and David is wanting to follow with this the best he can. Also, to take care of the customers and not leave anyone stranded. Treat every customer with respect and kindness.

In 2006, Lowell’s Towings’ newest member of the family was born, Ms. Olivia. In 2007, was the next new family member David Jr..Even at their young ages they always seem to not get enough of the tow trucks. They always want to go with daddy in the trucks on the calls but we all know that that can’t happen all the time.

Over the past 23 years, we have worked with Law Enforcement Agencies, Corporations, Dealerships, Motor clubs and the general motoring public. Lowell’s Towing & Recovery is fully bonded, insured, and can proudly provide countless references upon request.